To do:

We would like, of course, you 'll explore northern Gotland with the neighborhood around Norrvange and Kappelshamn at first.

Take a trip into Kappelshamn and watching the village that includes the fine harbor , the restaurant Maven , bathing beach , sports ground with football in div 5 some evenings. You can also join the club's training sessions on abstinence makes itself known. In the clubhouse people from the village is taking a sauna on Saturdays, and you are welcome!

Nature in this part of the island of Gotland is probably what touched us most and which you can not miss! Stone Coast is so amazing and some parts of it is magical !

Proximity to Faro must of course be used. There is so much to see and experience. Some of our favorites are Gamle Hamn (Old Port) , rauk area, Bergman Museum, Sudersand and not least Kutens Bensin, a place you can not miss!

The ancient quarries offers unique environments where formerly worked hard, but now may be able to give a nice bath in a different environment. They lie here and there and give a picture of how important limestone mining has been to Gotland.