Fishing on Gotland:

Gotland offers one of the world's best trout fishing! Northern Gotland is a paradise for those who want to fish for trout. You can fish from shore in almost anywhere, but there are of course more or less attractive areas. You just have to choose based on which way the wind blows.

Early spring or late autumn, it is applicable and from Norrvange Stugor you has only a few hundred meters down to the nearest fishing. There is never more than a few miles, no matter which side of the island you choose.
Last fall, landed trout below the sports club's football ground inside Kappelshamn!

We can advise you where there are usually good fishing ...

In Bläse old limestone quarries are stocked rainbow and can provide some variety to the coastal fisheries. Fishing licenses are purchased at Storugns limestone quarry.

In Tingstäde träsk are nice perch (fishing) and the Bästeträsk available besides bass also nice whitefish.

We can also help with courses in fly fishing, boat, etc.