Motorsports on Gotland:

Gotland can offer a lot for those who are interested in motorsports!

Gotland Ring
Racetrack Gotland Ring is located only a few kilometers from Norrvange Homes. It is a fantastic course in a unique setting, on the edge of the large quarry Storugns. The track is, believe me, perhaps the finest we have in Sweden .

It´s a various circuit with tricky curv combinations and height differences with crests and hidden curves. Current route is 3.2 km long but the plan is to make it much longer, and become one of the worlds greatest racetrack along a route which goes down into the quarry!

Gotland Grand National, the world's largest enduro competition belongs on Gotland. It runs in early November, and is a fantastic event with several thousand bikers. If you stay with us, we agree with the pressure washer.

On Gotland, organized annually several popular rallies that attract many drivers from the mainland. The largest is the Rally Gotland, going in early summer and runs in the neighborhood of Visby.

Enduro and motocross
Besides GGN organized the competitions on several motocross tracks and he also has courses ranging from beginner to more advanced driving. One of the organizers is FMCK. There are a few different organizers who also arranges guided enduro riding and courses.

Want to go gravel road with your motorcycle? There are many gravel sections on Gotland. There are some absolutely wonderful roads that run along the water, and you have to watch out so you do not forget to watch the road , so beautiful is that!

Gotland offers a fantastic road network of neat asphalt roads to cruise on. You just have to turn at the next intersection and it just keeps going...

Antique tractors
Old tractors have become very popular on the island. In late July - early August there is organized a tractor rally in Kappelshamn. Most recently, there was about 35 tractors, some cars and motorcycles and a large flea market.

We can also offer assistance with everything from courses in driving training - coaching on the race track to tire change, etc. I , Anders, has more than 10 years of racing experience in circuit racing, that includes eight seasons in swedens right now perhaps the fastest class, Superkart, both in Swedish Championship and at European level. I've also done mecanic job for others in both Superkart and Camaro Cup, etc. From the smallest to the largest ... I have also worked as an instructor in advanced driving for more than 20 years. During these years I have collected some experiences that I gladly share with you .