image001 / Norrvange Cabins

These cozy log cabins is located just outside Kappelshamn on Northern Gotland and was built in 1994 by Gotland's largest hockey profile, Håkan Loob. At the site of the cottages there was long ago a farm. Remains of the garden are still there and most obvious is the lilac hedge that partly surrounds the cottages.

The cabins are insulated for year round use so why not come and stay even when there is not high summer. Autumn tends to be wonderful with the tranquility that follows a busy summer.

Northern Gotland has an amazing environment and nature, among other things, with the wonderful stone coast, long sandy beaches and ancient limestone quarries to explore or swim in, great fishing with trout, and much more!

Gotland Ring, for the motoring enthusiasts, is only a few kilometers away.


Best regards / Maria o Anders